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forearm workout

A forearm workout is the part of your arms. Boy more crazed for big muscle forearm when they fold her sleeves then they show her forearm muscle it looks good. It improves your personality. You can do daily exercise for your forearm do 3 sets, 15-12-10 Reps in the starting. When you start your day-wise exercise or you can do it in the last when you complete your workout. Some type of exercise for Forearm I can explain to you how you can do the exercise.


Grow Forearm Muscles With Dumbbells


  1. Palms-up wrist curl: In this exercise, you can seat on a chair then rest your wrists on your knees or flat surface your palms facing up. Hold dumbbells in your both hand and weight of dumbbells which you can easily twist your wrist. Then twist your wrist up to your forearm not moved after a little pause. Your hands will be the starting position to do 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  2. Palms-down wrist curl: Do the same seat on the chair rest your wrists on your knees downward direction. Means your palm will be facing the ground. Then hold dumbbells in your both hand. Twist your wrist up direction do 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  3. Grip crush: Seat on the chair rest your right wrist on your knee. Hold your right wrist with the help of your left hand. Then hold the dumbbell in your right hand and twist it up to the same as the left wrist. 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.

forearm exercise

       Grow Forearm Muscles With Machines


  1. Behind-the-back cable curl: In this exercise, you can hold the cable with a ‘D’ shape holder grip. In the behind, the position holds the cable with your left hand. Placing your right foot slightly in front of your left. Slowly your arm up toward your shoulder 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  2. Towel cable row: In this exercise use the cable with the ‘D’ grip holder. Attach a towel with the holder and stand in front of it. Hold the end of the towel with both sides the pull the towel up to your chest. 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  3. Pullups: Hold the pull-up bar with your hands cross your both foot together the pull your body up. You can touch your chest to the pull bar 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  4. Dead hangs: Hold the pull-up bar but not pull your body up you simply hold the bar as long as possible do 3 Sets 2-3 minutes.
  5. Forearm pull: In this exercise hold the weight bar of a pulley machine at shoulder level. Your palms facing down when you pull down pause a second then again to the starting position 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  6. Framer’s walk: Hold the dumbbell in your both hand and walk 2 steps upward direction then backward direction 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.


      Grow Forearm Muscles At Home


  1. Forearm squeeze: You can buy a forearm squeeze in any sports shop hold it in your hand and squeeze it with your fingers. Hold 3-5 seconds then relax your grip do 10 to 15 minutes and do 2 to 3 times per day.
  2. Fingertip push-up: In this exercise, you can set your body in a push-up position bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle. You can push up with the help of your fingers. You can touch fingers on the surface 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  3. Crab walk: Set your body into a reverse tabletop position. You can place your hands under your shoulder and your fingers facing forward. Set your ankles direct under your knees and walk forward on your hand and feet up to a minute at a time 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.



Hey friends my name is Rajan Batta I am from Nabha ( Punjab), I like to maintain my body fit so I do exercise daily. I always share my knowledge of exercise with my friends so that they can also maintain their body fit and healthy. And my hobbies are Dancing, Drawing and Painting, Gymming.

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