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workout for abs


     At Home

  1. Forearm Plank in this exercise you can place your palms on the floor back straight palm is in the shoulder direction.  Open your foot 2-3 meters and hold yourself 3 to 5 minutes.    Workout for Abs
  2. Lateral Plank Walk places your forearm on the floor. Like you can set on the push-up position elbows stand straight on the floor. Open your foot 2-3 meters, and walk right to left direction with the help of arms. Foot do this exercise with 18-16-15 reps on both sides 3 sets.
  3. Bird Dog Crunch place your body like a dog position stretch your left leg and right arm inside. The body and after release then straight up your leg and arm do the same as a right leg, and left arm does 15-12-10 Reps 3 Sets.
  4. Plank With Spinal Rotation stands like a push-up position. Twist your full body right side and up your right arm. But your left-hand touch on the floor does the same as with another hand 15-12-10 Reps 3 Sets.
  1. Plank to Downward Dog Tap set your body like push-up position elbows straight touch your left foot. The help of right hand ( bend your back up in the push-up position and your hand go inside the body and touch the foot) 15-12-10 Reps 3 Sets both sides.


        AT GYM

  1.  Hanging leg circle you can hold pull up bar with your hands. Hang and twist your both legs first right side then left side, 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  2. Hanging Bicycle hold pull up bar with hands and hang. Move your legs like you can cycling, 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  3. Hanging side-to-side knees hold to pull up bar with hands. Hang bend your knees up and twist right side and left side your body, 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.
  4. Cable Isometric Hold in this exercise set cable machine up-to your shoulder direction stand next to the machine. Left side facing away from it. Hold 1 cable handle with both hands. Take a big step away from the machine.

     Extend both arms fully at chest height. Pull the cable right side and hold 30 seconds. Then switch side 15-12-10 Reps, 3 Sets.

  1. Mountain Climber places the Bosu ball bubble side down gripping the edges of the flat side of the ball in the plank position. Then twist your right knee in the left side and same as the other side 15-12-10 Reps, Sets.  


Hey friends my name is Rajan Batta I am from Nabha ( Punjab), I like to maintain my body fit so I do exercise daily. I always share my knowledge of exercise with my friends so that they can also maintain their body fit and healthy. And my hobbies are Dancing, Drawing and Painting, Gymming.

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