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diet chart

diet chart

  1. Carbohydrates » 50 Gram Per Meal (300 Gram)
  2. Protein » 30 Gram Per Meal (172 Gram)
  3. Fat » Natural 

Wake Up» 

400 ml Water with tablespoon lemon juice.


Meal 1» 

4 Slice bread + 1 spoon almond butter 5-6 egg white ( white part of egg for protein),(Yellow part of egg for fat if you are line body then you can eat yellow part also)


75 Gram oats with 500 ml low-fat milk add dry fruits ( if you gain fat then use full-fat milk)


Meal 2»

 Boiled Potato 300 Gram + Indian cheese150 Gram


 Sweet Potato 300 Gram + Indian cheese


Meal 3» 

White Rice long grain + 250 gram Boiled Chicken.


White Rice long grain + green peas 150 Gram boiled.


Meal 4» 

5-6 egg white ( if your weight gain then eats yellow part also) 4 Slice Whole Wheat Bread + Almond Butter.


Meal 5» 

Greek Yogurt 400 Gram

With Dried Blue Berries.


 150 Gram Rice Long Grain + 150 Gram White Fish Boiled.


Before Bed»

 1 glass Milk ( 400-500 ml) add 1 tbsp. ( Turmeric + Ashwagandha + Black Pepper Sprinkle).


And some more things you can eat like:

      1  Dry Fruits + Peanut Butter + 2 Bananas with milk you can add oats to banana shake.

     2. Warm milk with oats + Soya Milk.

     3. Kiwi + Strawberry with Curd.

    4. Boil Brockely + Papaya Juice


So many boys go to the gym to gain muscles and gain weight they do daily exercise in the gym after 10 to 15 days they check their weight. The weight is the same when they starting the gym because they more focus on exercise only not on diet. Do less exercise or consume more diet you can take 70 percent of diet or 30 percent of exercise. But more people do the opposite of that. So follow this Diet Chart, to increase your weight.


Hey friends my name is Rajan Batta I am from Nabha ( Punjab), I like to maintain my body fit so I do exercise daily. I always share my knowledge of exercise with my friends so that they can also maintain their body fit and healthy. And my hobbies are Dancing, Drawing and Painting, Gymming.

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